Photos of the wedding

Phew, the photos of the wedding are finally up online. It took many days to upload. I had stalled the upload coz I wanted to edit the pics, plus I was hoping Zooomr would the fix the Smartsets soon. But it’s still not fixed, unfortunately. So, I just went ahead with the upload regardless.

The Church Wedding Set
John & Leona's Wedding

The Wedding Dinner Set
Wedding Dinner May 26 2007


Wedding dinner in Kuching May 19th

A week before our actual wedding here, we had our wedding dinners in Kuching and Sarikei first. On May 18th we flew back to Kuching. It was to be a rather rushy weekend. On May 19th it was the dinner at Swan Teem restaurant. Thank God for amazing parents, my parents put everything together and all I needed to do was turn up. We got back to Kuching, relaxed for a day. The next day, we went to check out the restaurant and then just waited for the night event.

The dinner was fun. I get to see some of my really old friends, so did John. We didn’t need to worry about anything so it was cool. Click on the above pic for more pics…lots of it.


We had our registration on May 17th 2007 at Kajang’s Registration Department which is at Perhentian Kajang. Kajang folks would know that this is not a very glamour place, but a complete opposite. There are no shops around here that people would wanna be caught dead in. Unfortunately JPN is here, and we wouldn’t want the hassle of making the trip to Putrajaya for the same kind of registration.


We went there and met up with your witnesses, Ps Peter and his wife. To register, you should first submit a form about 3 weeks in advance, so there’s no speed marriage in Malaysia. On the appointed day, we just come nicely dressed and wait for hours. We waited for a long time for our turn and finally we went into the small brightly decorated room and the whole process probably took 2 minutes. It was very simple and different from the one in Putrajaya. In our case, the registrar just read out the oath himself and ask if we understand. Then he asked each of us to sign 3 sheets of cert. And that was it. He left the room to ourselves so we can go silly taking silly pics. Thanks to our videographer Wai Lune too for coming and taking some vids for us.

Wedding Gown

Now that the wedding is over, I can blog about the wedding gown and the process of getting it.


After searching around for wedding gowns, I had decided to get mine tailor made. Most people do not think it’s a great idea as it’s only going to be used once in your lifetime. Well, considering the price, I found it not much different from getting a rented one which you have to rush to get it returned and not necessarily you’d  get the gown design that you really want. Thus, I turned to  and got one made online. Yes, everything was done online. I did meet up with Lei who runs the site from her house, just to be sure it’s valid. But if you’re a bride looking to make a gown, you don’t have to do that coz I already ensured the company is valid.

Anyways, this was what I did. I went to HMbrides to try out some gowns to decide what kind of gown suits my body. After determining that, I wrote to Lei to tell her the kind of design I wanted. I needed something with sleeves and not so low cut. Then, she went and searched through her collections for a list of designs that suited my needs. From there, I sent the list to a few close friends, even my coordinator, who’s my colleague, and a pastor of my church. This is to ensure that there’s no clashing of opinions later, hehe. I let a few more experienced colleagues give their opinions too. To be honest, this was not the first gown I chose. It’s really hard to decide by just looking at pictures. But my colleagues gave me sound advice and from all the wedding gowns they’ve seen in the past, they assured me that this would really look good on me. So I went ahead and ordered, took measurements myself from Lei’s instructions, banked in the money to her account, waited about 2 weeks, and it was shipped to Malaysia from China.

During the process, there was some mix up with the accessories.  Somebody else’s accessories was sent to me, so I waited another week to get mine. But it was ok, it was all in time for the wedding. I am totally pleased with this wedding gown, now I must decide if I want to keep it or sell it.


I finally got the tiara.


It is quite small and simple, just the way I like it. I had bee scouting for tiaras in the market, but they are all too much, and well, too ex too. I got this online, met someone through it even. How much? Only RM25.90 with postage.

Flower girls and wreath

I spent the afternoon making head wreaths for my flower girls. Head wreaths usually cost RM15-20 at shops like Lovely Lace. I decided to make my own, using some wires, cloth, and little ribbon flowers.


I made them in 3 sizes, another one for the bridesmaid. All these for under RM10.p1170837.jpg

I had to go to the let the flowergirls try them on to make sure they fit. They are so adorable…


Wedding program

Print print cut..that’s all I had been doing. But within a few hours, I finally had all 175 program books printed and cut…


Thank God for the block cutter that helped get the job done faster….now it’s time to staple staple tie tie..

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